Copenhagen’s Christmas in Tivoli festivities light into life

christmas.tivoliThe Danish amusement park, Tivoli, opens its doors between November and December every year for the Christmas in Tivoli festivities, which take place in the beautiful Tivoli Gardens accommodating more than 70 market stands that offer a vast assortment of Danish decorations, presents, delicacies, and beverages. The event has earned itself as a firm family favourite over the years and is local favourite offering up family fun appropriate for every generation. Læs mere

Copenhagen’s Tivoli lights up in Christmas spirit

christmas-in-tivoliThe Christmas in Tivoli event lights up the Tivoli Gardens every year with miles upon miles of fairy lights that stretch all around the park. Over one thousand eight hundred light chains weave throughout the willows that are situated around The Tivoli Lake, a further five thousand meters branch around the magnificent Christmas Tree that towers in the centre of the garden, captivating the crowds that flock there every year to experience all the amazing festivities that the Danish amusement park has to offer. Læs mere

Denmark’s Night of Culture event in the heart of Copenhagen

night-of-cultureIn its eleventh consecutive year the annual Danish culture festival, The Night of Culture (Kulturnatten), takes place in the heart of Denmark’s capital city, with over 700 events happening in over 200 institutions throughout the evening.

Every year around mid-October, Copenhagen exhibits the broad cultural landscape that it has to offer at its Night of Culture event. The city streets transform into a labyrinth of cultural events that take place in over 200 museums, churches, exhibition halls, galleries, and political institutions around the city for everyone to enjoy. Læs mere

Copenhagen’s biggest culture event celebrates 17th consecutive year

culture-nightEvery year, around mid-October, Copenhagen’s biggest annual culture festival, The Night of Culture (Kulturnatten), takes place in the heart of the city, where over 200 cultural institutions open their doors, offering an array of great experiences for all to enjoy. Læs mere

City of Copenhagen

In recent years Denmark has become something of a tourist haven. In 2007, its 4.7 million visitors pushed it up into forty-second on the world tourism league table and it became the second most popular Scandinavian tourist destination.

And you don’t have to look far for an explanation. Just take the country’s capital, Copenhagen, and one can see why the country attracts so many annual visitors. Not only does the city host the world’s oldest resident monarchy but it is also home to a fantastic array of museums and art galleries. But the most popular of Copenhagen’s tourist attractions has to be Tivoli gardens and all their mystic charm. Læs mere