City of Copenhagen

In recent years Denmark has become something of a tourist haven. In 2007, its 4.7 million visitors pushed it up into forty-second on the world tourism league table and it became the second most popular Scandinavian tourist destination.

And you don’t have to look far for an explanation. Just take the country’s capital, Copenhagen, and one can see why the country attracts so many annual visitors. Not only does the city host the world’s oldest resident monarchy but it is also home to a fantastic array of museums and art galleries. But the most popular of Copenhagen’s tourist attractions has to be Tivoli gardens and all their mystic charm.In addition to what there is to see in the city, there is also the matter of what to do, and one of the main items on the tourist agenda seems to be drinking. Whichever part of Hans Christian Andersen’s home nation you visit, one thing they all have in common is the promise of attaining cheap alcohol in all its forms—with this in mind is it any wonder the Danes are regarded as the happiest nation on Earth, or that Copenhagen literally lives up to its status as capital of the ‘Fairytale country’ to its youth contingent!

If beer’s your tipple there are a number of brewery tours in the city, and even beer museums, to take advantage of—why not wet your whistle after a walk around one of the brewing factories by way of a pint made practically on the spot?  Not only is drinking a highly regarded activity in the city but it is recently becoming renowned for its emphasis on culinary expertise as well. In the last few years the city has witnessed the establishment of a multitude of modern and stylish new restaurants with different European influences and it is also home to 13 Michelin star restaurants—if you are hoping to book a table for these restaurants you are definitely advised to ring in advance. Such is the nature with upper echelon establishments that you might find yourself ringing around a range of restaurants without being able to make a reservation—it’s often a similar story when it comes to finding a taxi at the end of the night.

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